About Us

Kindi Networks is an innovative technology company that develops all electronic, software and industrial/mechanical designs in-house with its experienced R&D team. It is located in Hacettepe Teknokent campus, which is one of the most important R&D campuses in Turkey.
With its hardware (chip) based and high performance crypto and data diode devices, Kindi Networks offers unique solutions for external and internal network security, which is one of the most critical needs of all institutions. It provides services to many sectors such as the defense industry, telecommunications, finance, information technologies and health fields.

R&D and Engineering

Located in one of the most important R&D locations of Turkey, Hacettepe Teknokent, Rovenma’s experienced R&D team has the following technical capabilities.

• Electronic Card Design
• FPGA/ASIC Digital Design
• Numerical Analysis
• Mechanical Design
• Industrial Design
• 3D Design
• Embedded Software Development
• PC Software Development
• Server Software Development
• Mobile Software Development
• Linux OS Development
• Cloud-Based Big Data
• Engineering System