Kindi Data Diodes

Kindi Data Diode Devices are a hardware cybersecurity solution that allows information to travel in only one direction by placing it between two networks with different security levels.

Physical transmission of data in only one direction helps provide isolation for critical networks. Network isolation protects against threats from malicious software that may come from endpoints open to the Internet.

FPGA Based One-Way Data Transfer

It realizes only one-way data transmission capability with our unique digital designs on chip technology. It is ensured that the data is transmitted in one way and the network with critical infrastructure is physically isolated.

The Hardware Power

Thanks to its hardware-based structure, Kindi does not affect the bandwidth of the network, unlike the equivalent technologies. It is independent of the Zero-Day vulnerabilities and the specific operation in-house features can be developed.

One Way Connection

Data Diode provides physical separation of source and target networks with only a one-way data transfer protocol.

Safe Monitoring / Managing

Data Diode protects assets in an isolated industrial operation network from any potentially malicious data flow, while also allowing real-time operating status information to be transferred to the Internet for remote monitoring purposes. Business continuity is also ensured safely.

Management Features

Management Features

The management of the Kindi products is done through KindOS, the user-friendly portal.

• KindOS web portal
• User management
• Maintenance and repair management
• Event and alarm tracking
• Syslog and EventLog servers support
• SNMP Remote monitoring support

Plug and Play

Hardware based and high technology Kindi DataDiode devices are produced in 2 different sizes to meet the needs in the field or in the server. It can be easily integrated into the system and supports connections in every sector.

Kindi Data Diode highlights:

• 1 / 10Gbps speed
• Fiber optic compatible
• 1U and mini case design
• Remotely manageable (SNMP and Web Portal)
• DPA software supported (to support TCP protocols)

Data Diode 10G