Kindi Ethernet Encryptors

Data is today’s most valuable, most private and most critical asset. Protecting the environments in which our data resides, as well as the network in which they travel (data-in-motion), is of vital importance. Most data transmitted over a network is sent open and unprotected, making it easy for unsolicited individuals to obtain sensitive information.

Hardware encryption technologies are the most reliable method used to ensure the data flow is secure, not to be changed during transfer, and to protect its integrity. High-tech crypto devices are required for the fastest encryption of data of any size, without performance issues such as latency and synchronization.

Kindi Ethernet Crypto Family, which provides transmission at the Ethernet layer (Layer-2), ensures that the data transferred over the network between two or more endpoints is encrypted at the hardware level (chip-based).

FPGA-Based Encryption

There are many subsystems on the basis of our hardware crypto devices. We have developed, tested and used all these subsystems in live environments over 10 years. Essentially, each one is a product.
One of these subsystems is our FPGA system, where encryption algorithms work. We implement all of our chip-based encryption with our own “digital designs”. In this way, our product reaches a 100% hardware level. It is much safer, faster and more efficient than all software and CPU-based technologies.

Moduler Design

The basic systems of our crypto device (Encryption, Management, Power and Fan) are in separate modules, thus, maintenance-repair and backup (in our 2U model) in modules can be made more easily and efficiently according to the needs of the customers.

Power of Hardware

Kindi, donanımsal yapısı sayesinde, VPN vb. yazılımsal teknolojiler gibi ağdaki başka bir donanımın (CPU, RAM, HDD) kapasitesinden kullanmaz, ağın bant genişliğini etkilemez ve zero-day (ilk gün) zaafiyeteri gibi dezavantajları yoktur.

Different Infrastructure and Different Topologies

Metro, MPLS, RadyoLink etc. It can be used in Ethernet and IP layers. It has addressable feature thanks to VLANID, MAC address and Ethertype based encryption options.